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SubFinders®.. is a FREE Web-base Construction Bidding & Project Management Control Panel, that's designed to assist Contractors, Developers and Chain Store Owners with their bidding & project management process in a faster and much more organized way. We are the Only online Construction Management System especially design for the "Retail-Restaurant Tenant, Commercial, Residential, Multi-Family and Hospitality Construction Industry". *The SubFinders® system is only available to the license (b2b) Construction Trade Industry.
SubFinders® Four (4) Directories?..
The Directories: SubFinders® has four (4) Data Base Directories; Retail-Restaurant Commercial, Multi-Family, Residential & Hospitality with Contractors, RCA Contractors, Subcontractors, National Suppliers, Material Suppliers, Equipment Suppliers, Construction Services, Restaurant Equipment, Material Warehouses, Architects, Designers, Engineers, and much more.
   Trades & Services can Register here Free (*all new applications are subject to qualifications along with background check)
SubFinders® Online Construction Bidding & Project Management System?..
The Construction Bidding & Project Management System: SubFinders® provides this Free Online Service ONLY to License Trades & Services of the Construction Industry. (*sorry SubFinders is not available to the general public (i.e. homeowners)
Real Estate Investors & Real Estate Offices
that purchase properties are encouraged to become a member of SubFinders® when soliciting bid proposals from qualified construction trades for the purpose of remodeling their properties.
  The SubFinders® Construction Bidding & Project Management System enables.. Contractors, Developers and Chain Store Owners to easily solicit qualified professions and services to submit their bid proposals for your next construction project. SubFinders® also is a convenient way for Contractors to bid-out and manage their construction projects.
  With the SubFinders® online Construction Control Panel, your "Field Superintendent" and "Construction Trades & Services" along with the option of connecting with your "Client, Colleague or Whomever", they will be able to see and review everything about your projects or updates. One of the best options, is that you'll be able to enable your "Field Mgr/Superintendent" to assist you with the entire project along with acquiring and locating construction trades & services to bid on your project(s).
  Contractors, Developers & Chain Store Owners can Register here Free
What can the SubFinders® Online Bidding & Project Management System do for you?...
The SubFinders® Construction Bidding System?    See an Example... SubFinders®
It's a Web-Based Construction Bidding & Project Management System, that can organize the bidding process along with the project management and the greatest advantage is, that you'll be able to Bid-Out an Entire Construction Project (in most cases) within 10 to 15mins to all your vendors.
  • As a General Contractor you'll Create a New Construction Project..  (*each project will have it's own panel)
  • The Control Panels have the following..
  • "Project Info" contains the project address, contact information and who has access to important project information
  • "Project Permit(s)" provides project permit(s), status of permit(s) and/or NOC documents. (ex: Word, PDF, documents, etc)
  • "Project Plans" has the construction project plans and documents. (ex: AutoCad, PDF, ftp, documents, etc)
  • "Get Sub Bids" (*optional to upload your favorites) Select the Type and Number of Trades/ Services you want bid proposals from?
  • "Bid-Results" after selecting Trades/Services to bid? A Bid-Results page will be created with all Vendor bid proposals
  • "Final Estimate Report" assembly a Final Estimate Report of all Vendors with OH & Profit margin
  • "Project Contracts" able to organized all your trades/vendors contracts with options for others to view
  • "Project Notes" important notes or information for the construction trades along with private notes for yourself
  • "Project Schedule" able to control and update construction schedule(s)
  • "Favorite Subs" you're able to upload favorite Trades, Services and Material Suppliers
  • "Queue Box Mgr." controls and organizes new vendors for the purpose of bidding or adding to favorites
  • "Auto-Solicit Mgr." an organized way to post Ads for the purpose of soliciting construction trades and service
  • "Personal Invitation" able to send a Personal Invitation to any construction trade and service
  • Each project will have it's own"Project Panel" to... Monitor, Review Bids, Final Estimate Report, Job Photos, Progress Schedule, Permit Application and much more.
  • Monitor all Projects in Real-time. This is actuality done by your Field Superintendent with his own SubFinders® access panel.
  • Addition Options that are very important.
  • Opt. to Choose what your "Field Superintendent/PM" will be able to... Read Only, Modify or No Access?
  • Opt. to Choose what your "Prj. Mgr., Client, Colleague, or Whomever" will be able to... Read Only, Modify or No Access?
*Your project information will be send electronically to each Trade and/or Service you've selected. You'll have the option(s) of selecting one at a time or as many as needed. You'll also have the option(s) to enter your own Private Vendors, Trades & Services. Within the "Bid-Results" panel, you'll be able to see who's bidding or who's not? There are auto responders that alerts everybody when Bid Proposals are due.
An Online Viewable Directory & Plan Room Coming soon..

Viewable Directory: SubFinders® is allowing everybody the ability to see all four (4) Directories online, HOWEVER there will be a limited amount of information that the public will be able to view. (i.e. emails Will Not be available) SubFinders® is a B2B service designed for only the License Construction Industry.
  Coming Soon, An Online Plan Room; SubFinders® will soon have an "online Plan Room" where construction trades & services will have access to review projects that are out to bid. General Contractors, Chain Store Owners or Developers will have the option of posting their projects either "Privately" (only the trades you've selected we'll be able to view your projects) or ""Public Viewing"(where everybody will be able to review your project(s), but they'll have to ask for your permission to enter a bid proposal on your project. (*again, no emails will be exposed on public viewing directories )
*Homeowners? We're sorry, SubFinders® is not available to the general public, but if you're seeking a Building Contractor to build your home, retail store or remodel? We'll be glad to assist you in locating Qualified Builders in your area. Just notify us.

How is SubFinders® supported?
SubFinders® provides this "Free Online Construction Management System" Only to "License Construction Trades", however in order for SubFinders® to continue this service, we depend on our.. Sponsors, Advertising Ads, Premier directory listings, Promotional events, Volunteers & Donations from our members. Contact us for more information on how you can assist? Thank you very much for supporting us and being part of the SubFinders® family. Corp. Reg. TradeMark and Patents Pending © Copyright 1997-2017®, Inc. All rights reserved.