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   SubFinders® goes on locations to introduce and demonstrate how General Contractor's are able to bid-out their construction projects usual within 10 to 15mins (most cases) to qualified trades & services along with the ability to managing a construction project through it's entire duration. With the SubFinders® Bidding & Project Management System, contractors find that it's organized and very easy to use, along with the amount time & money it saves in searching for and locating trades to bid on their projects. SubFinders® is the only web-base service of it's kind that's design just for the "Retail-Restaurant Tenant & Big Box Construction Industry", "Residential Industry" and now we're including the "Multi-Family" & "Hospitality" Industry to SubFinders®.

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  The SubFinders® Frog Logo "SubDude™" was created by the founder while he was in high school (1973).
  Be sure to be on the lookout for the SubFinders® SubDude™ , he's always using his periscope to search for qualified Subs (subcontractors) and construction services.
SubFinders® Promotional Van at Lowe's
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  The only way SubFinders® is and has been able to continue with providing the "SubFinders® Construction Bidding & Project Management Service" for Free? Is with the generosity of Donations and Supporters from our.. Members Donations, Material Suppliers, Manufactures, Sponsors & Partnership Programs.  The overwhelming emails and phone calls we receive, are just wonderfully and we love it.
  The Number one compliment we receive, just about every day from our General Contractors, besides how easy it is to bid-out an entire construction project (in most cases) within 10 to 15mins. Is that they honestly can not wait until they have another project to bid out. Some contractors just get so excited they call us, just to ask if it's okay to post a test project? Here at SubFinders®, we surely can attest to this and we see the strangest projects being bid-out just for fun and even when we add new web tools to the SubFinders® System? it's just as exciting for us as it is for the members.

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