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About Your SUBFINDERS® Panel
Get your Projects out to Bid with in 10 to 15 minutes with SubFinders®. You'll be able to... Monitor all projects live online.
The Only online service specifically design for the "Retail-Tenant, Big Box, Commercial, Multi--Family and Residential Construction industry". SUBFINDERS® ONLY excepts License Qualified Construction Trades and Services.
SUBFINDERS® Real-Time Construction Bidding & Monitoring System






If you're a Building Contractor, Chain-Store owner, Sub-Contractor, Service or Material supplier, then you need SubFinders®.
Contractor's.. you'll be able to bid out projects anywhere in the U.S. with-in 10 to 15 minutes. Select Sub-trades or Suppliers to bid from our list or even use your own by, just adding them to your favorites. You'll be able to monitor all your construction activities.. Bid Results, Budget vs. Actual, Progress Reports, Sub List, & job photos live from your own "SubFinders® Panel.
Sub-Trades, Services and Material Suppliers.. you'll be able to see projects that are out to bid on your SubFinders® Panel. From your SubFinders® Panel, you'll see.. Project Information, Complete sets of Plans, Able to place Bids/Quotes online live. See a live Progress Schedule and much more.
See an Example of My SubFinders
  • First, The Builder will Create a New Project Panel.. 
  • Enter information about your Construction Project.
  • Load your Electronic Blueprints onto the "Project Plan Panel".
  • Select Sub-trades & Services that you would like to bid on your project. Use your favorite Trades or Ours.
  • Then, Submit for Trades to Bid live on your Projects. All project information will be send electronically to each trade for them to view with their SubFinders® Panel. Qualified Trades and/or Services will be able to see everything about your project live and place their Bids on your Bid-Result Panel". After submission of Bids. Select Trades or Services that meet your requirements.
  • You'll then be able to view the "Bid Result Panel" for Bids & Quotes.
  • Now, Your Ready to Build your project..
  • You'll be able to control any number of project(s) locally, statewide, or nationwide.
  • Each project will have it's own"Project Panel" to; Monitor, Review Bids, Budget Vs Actual, Job Photos and Progress Reports.
  • Monitor all Projects in Real-time. This is actuality done by your Field Super with his own SubFinders® Panel.
  • See real-time photos of the project(s) under construction.
  • Addition Information that you could use..
  • Access New Malls being built or Renovated nationwide.
  • Review critical New Mall information, Example: How much is the contractor's deposit? When can I start the tenant build-out? Should I submit plans to the Mall first or to the Building department.?
  • You Project Superintendent can relay ALL project information to your SubFinders® Panels for your live review.
  • If you choose. You can allow the Owner of his/her project to see online: The Project Schedule, Budget V's Actual and Construction Photos.
  • Would you like to see an Example of a My SubFinders Panel ?

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