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7 Bid Results:
 Bid Results: Where you'll see the bidders and their results.
Bid Results:
 a: Bid Results: On the "Bid Results" page you'll see that the bidding is open and their has been a request from each of the trades asking them if they want to submit a bid proposal? Once the trades review the project, they response either they're bidding or not.
Bidding Open:

 b: Bidding Open: This means that the project information has been sent and your waiting for their reply.

Bid Presented:
 c: Bid Presented: Once a trade has submitted a bid proposal, you'll see their bid here.
Bid Details:
 d: Bid Details: At the "bid detail" button, you'll see the details about the bid proposal.
Move to:
 e: Move to: You have a couple options?
*Move to... "Except" be careful? If you select this, a notice will be send to the trades telling him he/she has the job.
*Move to... "Final Estimate"( the final estimate page is where you can comply the trades you are considering for a total cost of construction)
*Move to... "Reject" This tells the trade that you've made to choice to select someone else
*Move to... "Delete" It just does that, it deletes
*Move to... "Close" It tells the trade that the bidding has closed
Not Bidding:
 f: Not Bidding: It's apparent that the trade or service doesn't want to bid on this project. However, very soon SubFinders will have an "auto responder" that will automatically select another trade to fore fill the vacancy. (coming soon)
Email All:
 g & h: Email All: You have several options to email trades... Initially (the name), Email All Bidders (at the top right) or by the Category. (see over each category)

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