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2 Create New Project:
 The Create New Project: This is where you'll start a new project and enter all the information about the project. (i.e. Project address, Permit info, Project manager, Field superintendent and Architect info.) After you have completed the "Create New Project" page? It will become your "Project Details" page
Project Info:
 a: Project Information: You'll enter the Project Information here.
Field Superintendent:
 b: Field Superintendent: You'll enter your Field Superintendent info here. Once you enter your field supers email? an login & password will automatic be sent to them.
Project Manager:
 c: Project Manager: The Project Manager/Estimator enters his/her Contact Information here in order so Trades & Services will be able to contact pertaining to this project.
 d: Architect: You have the Options to enter the Architect's information or just leave blank. You can always update the Project Details page at any time.
Who has Access?:
 e: Who has access?: The Access area is for the Project Manager/Estimator to decide who can view the Project Information? What they can have No Access, Read Access Only or Modify Access.
Bids Due Date?:
*: Bid Due Date?: You'll be able to set.. Bid Pkg Recd, Bid Pkg Sent, Sub Bids Due and Contractors Due Date. The best part of this option? is that it has auto responders that remind and ask trades if they are still placing a bid proposal within 5 days? within 3 days? and within 1 day.

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