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5 Get Sub Bids:
  Get Sub Bids: The "Get Sub Bids" page is where you'll select the number of trades/services along with the Categories of trades/services you want to bid on your project. Note: You are able to select one Category or several Categories at a time when seeking trades and/or services to bid on your project.
Project Address:
 a: Project Address: When you filled out the "Start a New Project" the SubFinders Data Base has already pulled up an directory from the address of your project. All you have to do is select the trades.
Step 1:
Select Type
& Number:

 b: Trade Type & Number: Here you'll select the Trades area? (locally, State or Nationwide) The Number of trades in each category? (it's best to select 5 or 10)
Note: The "Bid Due Date" is something new for SubFinders and it will be located on the "Start New Project" Panel) Just as soon as we get it working, you'll be able use it.

Step 2:
Select Categories:
 c: Select Categories: After selecting Type & Number of trades? You're ready to select the Categories from the directory. All you have to do is, just touch the ones you want? (the category will turn Blue). You can select as many Categories as you feel comfortable with. You can always come back to select more. After you have made your decision(s) of Categories? Go to the bottom of the page and "Push Submit"

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