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Lets get SetUp first

FIRST THING: You need to Set Up your "My SubFinders" ® before you can continue.

Once you have completed the My SubFinders® set up. You'll be ready to learn how to use My SubFinders®.

Lets get started on how to use My SubFinders®
There are two (2) types of My SubFinders® panels: 
The "Main MySF Panel" where you'll see all your projects and start new ones.
The "Project Panel(s)" is where you'll monitor each Construction Project and it's Information.
If you have any questions or problems call 407-384-8824 and we'll be glad to help
How to use the "Main MySF Panel" on My SubFinders®
Help with:
The Main MySF Panel
The Main MySF Panel is where you'll always start when you Log-on. From there, you'll be able to go to any project(s). To know how to use the Main MySF Panel. Just look below.
Home  MySF  About  Contact-Us  Help  Comments  Edit Preferences  
Home: Will Log-out and take you to SubFinder's® Home page.
MySF: Takes you to your Main SubFinders® Panel.
About: Takes you to about SubFinders®.
Contact-Us: If ever need to contact us? just go here.
Help: If you every need any help? try here first or just call us at 407-384-8824
Comments: We always love to hear about how we're doing and/or ways to improve our services.
Edit Preferences: Here you can update or change your company information, passwords, Etc..

My SubFinders® Controls (At the top of all Pages)
* Always Use Your LogOut Button
The "My SubFinders®" button is used to go back to your Main Panel. The "Drop Down" is  where your List of Projects will be. Each time you add a new project by using the "Create New Project" on your Main Panel. Your project will always be added to the "Drop Down". The "Edit Preferences " button is to edit your Company Information. BE SURE to always use the "LogOut" button when logging out of My SubFinders®. You may lose information, if you don't.
The "Create New ASO" (Advance Search Orders). button is used to create and get a List of Trades ONLY. The ASO is NOT used to send Trades or Services Plans or Information to bid on. ("Get Sub Bids" is for that.) The "Drop Down" is where you can save the List of Trades for future use. NOTE: The "Create New ASO" is for Realtor Companies only. NOT Contractors.
Project Information:
The "Project Information" Line is a fast way to get around on this Project. As you pull up each Project, you'll always see a "Project Information" line. To go back to your "Project Panel" just push "Project Panel" or if you want to -Go To-...? The Project Details, Project Plans, Sub List, Bid Results Etc.. faster. The use the -Go To- Drop Down.
After you have "Created a New Project", My SubFinders® will automatically move your project to -Pending Projects-. Then you'll be able to select a project that you need to view or work on.
Here you'll be able to manually go to any trade or service by selecting the state.
SEARCH ORDERS Note: "ASO" is for Realtor Companies only
Search Orders (ASO) is Only if you need to pull up a list of trades or service to view. Search Orders is NOT for getting bids from trades or services. To know more.... 
After you have opened the Search Orders page, you need to fill in the blanks & don't forget the Zip Code. 
Now select type of construction area: Commercial or Residential
Then select trades that are: Locally, Statewide, or Nationally?
And select how many of each trades, you want to view?
Once you've enter this info, you need to push "Display Trades" this will refresh the bottom directory so that you can see the trades. When you see the trades in "Black" that means trades are there. If you see "Gray" that means trades are NOT available at this time.
The "Malls-Built & Info" is where you can find out about new construction info on malls that are being built nationwide and basic info on existing malls, such as: How much is my construction deposit? The building dept info? Where do I send plans for permitting? and a whole lot more. To know more....
Create New Project: This is where you'll start a new project. Just push "Create New Project" and it will open a new Project Info Page. Fill out all the information that you know about this project. Don't worry if you don't have all the info at this time. You can always update info later.
Now that you have the Project Information filled out, you'll need to decide who can see what information about this project. Note: Do this very carefully. Yes! you can always change or update later.
If your using a field superintendent? Enter their Email address. (a password will be sent to them to access just this job Only.) Now what information do you want him/her to have access to? Ex: He'll need to" modify" the Progress Report, so you can get daily reports.
If your going to have Subs & Trades view or bid on your project? You'll need to check this. There again, you Subs & Trades may need to "Read Only" the Progress report" Ex: You'll need to click "Read Only".
Do you have a client/owner? If so, and only if you want hem to see information about this project. You'll need to check this and a Password will be automatically sent to them to have access to this job Only. Also again, you client/owner may need to "Read Only" the Progress report" Ex: You'll need to click "Read Only"..
OK! Now push the "Start New Project" button. It will automatically make a new Project Panel and also will be on your Main SubFinders® Panel under -Pending Projects-.


MANAGE SUB LIST: Like to Enter your favorite Trdaes or Services.


Want to add your own Trades or Services? Just use the "Manage Sub List" button.
Special Sub Request: There are sometimes that you can't find a trade or service in your area. This is when you can use "Special Sub Request". A SubFinder's® Customer Service Rep will help you find those trade or service for that area.
Under General Info: You can use the USA Time Zone, Map Quest, Weather Channel or Tell-A-Friend.
As Options come available SubFinder's® will let you know.

Remember: Be Sure to always use the Log-Out button on your My SubFinders®

 How to use the "Project Panel" on My SubFinders®
Help with:
The Project Panel
The Project Panel(s) is where you'll view all your Project Information. To know how to use the Project Panel on"My SubFinders®", just look below.
To see a My SubFinders® Project Panel, Be sure that you have already made a new Project Panel first by using "Create New Project" on your Main Panel.
Project Details:
The "Project Details" page is where you'll have important information about this project. Remember, you can always update or change any information as needed on this project by going to the "Project Details"page.
Using "Get Sub Bids" 1st you MUST be sure that you have uploaded: Plans, Photos, Documents, Etc... that you need the trades & service to see before you use "Get Sub Bids".
DON'T Forget! You can add your own Favorite Subs. On your Main SubFinders® Panel go to the "Manage Sub List" button. If your going to have your own trades bid. You need to load them first.
Now your ready to "Get Sub Bids"After you pulled up the page, you'll see that you job name and address is at the top. 
Go to Step 1, Select?: Locally, (Means subs work locally only) Statewide. (Means subs work the state) or Nationally, (Means subs travel anywhere). Most likely you need to pick Locally.
Next, Select how many subs do you want to view? 5,  10,  All of each.
Step 2, Just Touch / Un-Touch the trades or services you want to see a list of.
Here you'll be able to view a list of trades or services to pre-select before you send them any information about your project to bid/quote on. Note: The trades you see in "Black" means trades are there. When you see the trades in "Gray" means no trades are available at this time.
Step 3, Push "Submit for List of Trades".
After you have pulled up a list of trades. You'll be able to see your selection: Example: You pulled up 5 "A/C Mechanical Suppliers" now you need to "Check " the trades you want a bid/quote from. Also, IF you've already added a favorite "A/C Mechanical Suppliers" to your "Manage Sub List". You'll be able see them at the same time.


 A/C Mechanical Suppler's

 Found 2

 Company NameCity/StPhone/FaxCom/Ret/ResEmail
TRANE COOrlando, FL(407)555-1212/(407)555-1212Com/Retail


Carrier SupplyOrlando, FL(407)555-1212/(407)555-1212Com/Retail/Res


 Company name in Blue means they have a web site. Email in Blue means their Email address.

When you see this -- No other Trades/Services are available at this time -- means that you asked for 5. 

Now that you have selected the Trades or Services that you want to bid/quote your project,  Just Push "Request Bids" and the Plans, Photos, Docs.. & Project information will be send to them.

Now your ready to see the Bid Result Page

 After you have selected the Trades or Services that you want to bid. You'll see the Bid Results Page.
Company/Contact  Phone/Fax      Last Updated       Current State          Details            Move To
Electrical Subs:          
 Morris Elect
800-555-1000 01/01/06Bid Presented
 J Morris
800-555-1212 $1000.00
A&B Elect
800-555-1001 01/01/06 Bidding Opened
John Smith
 How things work above and what they mean:
 Morris Elect: Company Name. If it shows up in Blue, it will take you to their web site.
J Morris: The Contact Name in Blue means, it's their Email
 Phone and Fax Number,  Date Bidding Opened, Bid Presented $1000.00.
When you push Details: You'll see the Bidding Detail info that the trade submitted.
After Bid Presented, you can select: Accept, Reject or Close. If you choose to accept the Bid, It will automatically go to: Budget Vs Actual, Sub List, and Progress Report.

Remember: To always SAVE CHANGES to your information

Help with:
The Project Stats Panels
Stats Panels.. Project Plans, Budget Vs. Actual, Progress Report, and Sub List.
On the "Project Plan" page. You'll load all information that is needed for your trades and services to see. Example: You'll need to.. Upload Plans, Photos, Word Documents, Updates, Etc... Remember that anything you load WILL BE seen only by the trades and services that you have selected. 
To Add a File: 
Step 1: Upload a File.."Push Browse"... Select file from your documents to be upload.
Step 2: Type in Description: EX: Floor Plans...? Plumbing Plans..? Photo of..
Step 3: Press "Add File"
After you have added the file(s). It will show up above.
Budget Vs Actual:
Concrete Subs
Phone/Fax Details Budget Actual Diff+
 ABC Concrete  John Smith
 How things work above and what they mean:
Their Phone & Fax # Details about your trade. Name, Address, Notes Etc.
To use Budget, Actual and Diff+- just enter amounts the be sure to push "Save Changes" at the bottom.

Note: To load a Sub Trade or Service to your favorites. . Just go to your Main SubFinders Panel. a select (Manage Sub List)

Progress Report:
Details Contract Date Order Date Delivery Date Start Date Finish Date
 A1-Concrete  John Smith
 How things work above and what they mean:
A1-Concrete: Company Name. If in Blue, it will take you to their web site.
John Smith: Contact Name in Blue means it's their Email
Details about your trades information. Such as.. Name, Address, Notes Etc..
To use the "Progress Report" just enter dates, but be sure to always push "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page. You Field Superintendent will also be able to load dates, if you allow him on your "Project Detail" page. Under Field Superintendent: Just click on "Modify".
Sub List:
  Company                           Contact                       Phone                     Fax                         Details
ABC Concrete Co.           John Smith             800-555-1000          800-555-1001         
 How things work above and what they mean:
ABC Concrete: Company Name, if in Blue, it will take you to their web site.
John Smith: Contact Name, in Blue means it's their Email. Subs Phone & Fax number.
Details about your trade. Name, Address, Notes Etc..
Check to "Delete Sub" then push the "Delete Checked Subs" Button at the bottom of the page.

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